Two surfers, Ian Brett and Jon Wilson established BALIN in 1974.
They met on the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula and started a business producing legropes and surfboards to support their lifestyle.
The business grew over 30 years to a full time operation with a staff of over 30, with agents and customers all over the world.
In the 70s urethane legropes were a new thing. Through constant experimenting and testing the two partners designed and patented
a new moulded end piece that was later to become the standard for nearly all legropes globally.
With a legrope that was far better than anything on the market, they went to America to sell their revolutionary legropes to the world.
Today Balin produces their strongest leashes ever.
The Company now: - Ownership has changed, Ian has retired and Jon has full ownership turning the focus of the business back to
hardcore hardware products that surfers like him use when they go surfing.

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